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Yamaha R25: New Images, Features and Specification and launch Date

Yamaha Motors launch their new bike Yamaha R25 in the auto expo fair. Check out the new photos, features and specification and launch date of Yamaha R25. Now a day in the Auto Expo fair many bike is launch. Some of them are concept modal and some of them are ready for selling in the market. In the last article about the Yamaha R25 we gave you a little knowledge about the Features and specification of Yamaha. And in this article we are going to taking about the new photos of Yamaha R25, features and specification or launch Date of Yamaha R25. And we also discuss about some another point about Yamaha R25 which are given below.

>>> Launch Date of Yamaha R25

>>> Features and Specification of Yamaha R25

>>> Price of Yamaha R25

>>> New Photos of Yamaha R25

>>> Conclusion

Launch Date of Yamaha R25

The launch date of Yamaha R25 is not set but the company say that Yamaha R25 launch in the middle of 2014. So stay tune with us for more update regarding the launch of Yamaha R25.

Features and Specification of Yamaha R25

Yamaha R25 is a 2-cylinder, liquid cooled motorcycle in the new 250cc segment by Yamaha. Everybody is very eager to have this sort of new Yamaha bike after the great success of Yamaha R15. Yamaha R25 uses an advanced fuel injection system in it and also beside this the bike is having a tubular chassis with telescopic front suspension.

Yamaha R25 is a 4-stroke bike under the Yamaha flagship with both front and rear tyres having the disk brake available. Yamaha R25 is going to have a constant mesh 6-speed transmission with 249cc displacement.

Specification Detail –


Dimensions of Yamaha R25 2000 x 720 x 1140 mm


Engine Type 4-Stroke Liquid Cooled


Cylinder 2-Cylinder – in line


Transmission Constant Mesh 6 – speed


Fuel System Advance Fuel Injection


Displacement 249cc

 Price of Yamaha R25

The price of Yamaha R25 is about Rs. 3.1 Lakhs and on road price of Yamaha R25 is about Rs. 3.9 Lakhs. Here we are going to discuss the different price of Yamaha R25 in different country.

Yamaha R25 Price in India is Rs. 310000/- only.

Yamaha R25 Price in China is ¥26,904.70/- only.

Yamaha R25 Price in USA is $4982.320/- only.

Yamaha R25 Price in UK is £30194.000/- only.

New Photos of Yamaha R25




yamaha r25






The conclusion of the Yamaha R25 is that the looks of the bike is very good and price is good according features and specification of bike. I think this bike gone make good business in the Indian market as well as in the world market also.

Hope you like this article as it is regarding one of the most beloved and most awaited bike Yamaha R25.

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